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This movie is absolutely hilarious.



Resolution still sucks, it seems as you ripped it straight off youtube, random screams are not entertaining, choppy as hell stick movements ( which theyre is actually very few movements ) this is random, and not funny, if anything, 4 chan material.

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" Its just tetris "

For a "just tetris", its fine however it needs something new, as if I wanted to play tetris, well there are thousands, I can see if this was just practice then its alright, if you want to make it better adding small options/changes could improve things, choices of music, block types ( like flashing etc. ) effects and things.


The Music was annoying, there was no menu options, setting or anything, the originality was low, theres been a few games out there with the same concept, needs options, mute,quality etc. are just a start.

needs improvement

it's okay, but it needs levels to make it more playable.

Pringell responds:

well this games just going to be handed in for my assignment like this because ive got like two days left to finish it and all the theory but as soon as i have spare time ill take everyones suggestions and try my best to improve more until its the best game i can make :) give me time and i hope you enjoy what i come up with :D


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An emotional start opens up to an orchestral wonderland of winded instuments, blended beautifully together with a lone man clapping starting a massive uproar of dub-stuff, personally, I think your orchestral work outshines the dub, but it really feels out of place trying to imagine what could have been done with an orchestral opening rather than mixing some dub in, the lead and dub seems to overpower the flute which in turn is louder than both but seems out of place when mixed together, overall it doesn't sound so bad, but I was expecting a more complex closure of this piece.

Pandasticality responds:

creative critique, thank you, il keep those things in mind as i try to improve.
- Pandasticality

Love the little toy piano that starts up in the snowstorm, chasing it away, The violin is great that starts up but gets kind of ruined by the strange twerking noise, I'd suggest blending the violin notes together a little so it sounds more natural and you get a little extra oomph, The ordering of some instuments seems to ruin the good vibe of the chior when it starts bangin, I'd say it's a pretty good song for a winter / christmas song so I'ma give it a 4

I guess you finally found a good song to throw in those familiar tricks of orchestral rises at, They work well with the laid back easygoing of the song, Your synths sound great but not all the notes please my ears with the meaty one starting at :31 seems almost to harsh for a mellow song like this, and the repeated notes around :50 surprisingly work and continue to give the song a space feeling all throughout, the loop cycle is great and I can see this in a sort of alien war space game.

eatmeatleet responds:

thanks, really good input, I am trying to fix this song as I can right now. I'll see about those notes

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Idubbz is king

obviously it's alkali, riven, caitlyn and nidalee

A Tree
Grown alone and solely
Out in the green fields
Providing shade
Loving arms grabbing hopelessly
All alone will it yield?;
Decades later it has not
When is it time for me to decay?;
My death in this field, Ever so green;
Will be delayed but I will forever put on the masquerade,
For this field, for I am tree.

Jin responds:

:clap: :clap:
Deep. I now sits in quiet thoughts.

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