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Posted by Tykwa - March 9th, 2017

Oh dear fellow DJ-Ri, How useless of contributions you have made unto this wonderful website, Rolling around blocking everyone that doesn't fit your niche, But what niche is to be said you are a part of? Well, That's a great question, Because I am here to answer everyone's questions about this mysterious person, or thing as it may be.

DJ-Ri Joined this website back in golden days of 03 and didn't contribute a fucking thing, Our best reports state it used to belong to someone worthwhile, And DJ bought it off of Ebay.com for the rediculous price of twenty eight cents, Which in reality the stock going rate of the account has plummeted to an amazing low price of your fucking soul. For all of the minor contributions he has made, Including reviews have all followed the legendary formula of the sickening shit we all know, DoctorStrongbad.

It should be well known DJ-Ri Is currently riding on the lore that he is just an angry old 40 year old man, In reality, He is just a 20 year old boy realizing that the world is constantly trying to shit on him Ever since he became famous for his dickneck adventures way back.

But don't worry kids, You won't have to worry about this shitstain for long, One argument is all it takes for this sorry excuse for a used tampon to block you into oblivion, the damage isn't done however as he will tell himself a lie, and spread his dickcheese all over claiming that you couldn't handle him, Oh Boy what a cunt!.

Dj will constantly offer points of interest in which he is the obvious master brains of, Which if you didn't go to your local Lowe's store and buy all the kneepads that were on sale oh boy, you better be prepared for one heck of a fight, It might be a distant disagreement in the way he likes his eggs for breakfast that his mother cooks him every morning, Well that's it buddy, Prepare to get blocked!.

Dj likes to call people dumb "N" word, You know, the kind with the ER on the end, This is such a shame that for a man appearing as a 40 year old man he has to stoop down to masterbating in front of his N64 playing super mario64 where you stretch his face around with his poor flaccid cock in hand.  

Dj isn't a bad guy, He is the greatest man on earth, Shutting down everything around him that doesn't contort to his shitty will, The best guy on earth, will soon shut down himself, Which if that happens, He will be praised, Oh so praised.

Source : http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1420974

Comments (3)

i think he made some bot for the ng chat. thats a contribution right there

He blocked me after I called him a cunt. And that was it.

I love you so much this is so true god bless x10