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The paper

2013-11-03 01:38:40 by Tykwa

The Paper

A man looked down onto the paper, dimly lit by no source at all other than itself, it displayed lines of information and the man seemed keen on following it's instructions, as everyone was before. The paper seemed solid yet only for a moment, as when the man took his eyes off of it, the paper folded back into his hand, perfectly into the middle of his palm, with absolutely no visible effort by the man, or the paper, as if the pamphlet was made out of nothing, It was no longer illuminated within it's own mystery when it found itself within the palm.

This is a new "book" I have been working on the last couple of days, It has become a consuming object of interest for me, I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

The Paper

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2013-11-07 10:52:58

Ever thought about throwing together an ebook with stuff like this? Nice work!

Tykwa responds:

Not really, But it's something I might look into.


2013-11-11 20:31:06

I still haven't read it all :p I should tho!

Tykwa responds:

Yes, You should !