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Posted by Tykwa - December 9th, 2010


Posted by Tykwa - November 22nd, 2010

Posted by Tykwa - July 22nd, 2010

And it gets shittier, And fucking shitter, Every fucking time you turn around, So I wrote this fucking little ass guide so you can stop being such a mindless fuck that is brainwashed that RAM is everything, If you think i'm talking out my ass, You can go download new fresh RAM here.

Okay Dumbfuck, Ignore my obscene use of language,

So first thing, Have you even looked inside that fucking thing you call a computer?, Yeah, That thing with dust hanging off of it, Where you have a bowl sitting near the front so when a magical dustball comes out you go smoke it with your buddies, Ever think about cleaning it?

Now while you watch that ass-hatted britian boy explain shit, I'll explain shit too, Yea I know, I just typed in some shit in youtube and was a lazy fuck, I could have probably made my own video, But I'm a lazy fuck, So I'll lay down some important shit right now, Turn that fucking PC off before you do anything, From the wall, And if your Power supply has one, Turn the On/Off switch to, Yes Off, Ya dumbass, Now remove the panel from your case, All cases are different, If your getting a hammer or some shit you're doing it wrong, When you get that fucking annoying side panel off of that shit-assed name brand computer you probably bought with the shit-ass case, you want to physically touch the power supply, Why?, Because it grounds you to the eletrical components inside, so you won't fuck it all to hell, Now get your compressed air, or whatever (personally I use a air compresser), And start spraying shit, Don't waste the fucking can making the fans in your case turn real fast, You will fuck them up, If you blowing a fan, It's best to hold it and then blow, Don't turn that can upside down either, or else.

so you fucking blew air in your case and now your wondering why the fuck did I just do that, Well you did it because dust will fuck shit up, No really, It will, Dust hinders alot of shit, And basically it will make all your shit overheat.

So now Onto the whole software diagnostics and bullshit.

If you don't already know, the internet is a bad place, and they don't make internet condoms you can pick up at wal-mart either, So get yourself a virus protection thing Or if you prefer, Whichever one, Just get the motherfucker and run it.

Now we are onto some other shit, I swear i'm rambling, Oh wait, Yeah, Okay so here's some fncy ass list of shit to get ->

~Disk Defrag
But my computer has a disk defrag!, Wow you need a fucking lecture, That defrag is fucking made by windows, And it's shit, Take my word.

~Registry Cleaner Get it. Faggot. (Malachy will ban me for this, That Faggot)

~Duplicate File thingy
this thing finds those 700 copies of your britney spears cd's in 1400 different folders that were hidden 18 months ago, this will get rid of all those useless shits.

Go fuck yourself

And restart your pc

And shit.

Oh I forgot Cleaner Which is like, fucking god, So get it.

No, This won't make your computer run crysis on enthusiast, You dumbass, If your hardware is shit all you can do is make that shit run better than usual, I'm not going to go into overclocking, Because you will fuck everything up.

Posted by Tykwa - July 14th, 2010


Posted by Tykwa - July 9th, 2010

Nice guys finish last.

Fuck you, Fuck me, Fuck everything, Fuck everybody.

Posted by Tykwa - June 21st, 2010

Yes, You the one with Fruity Loops, Let's collab!

(PM me)

Posted by Tykwa - June 7th, 2010

kiwi was here

Posted by Tykwa - June 2nd, 2010

I will be there in less than 15 hours from now.

Heck yeah.



Posted by Tykwa - May 18th, 2010

releasing old stuff thats been half-ass mastered to actually be going out.

So yeah, time to clean up these fl files (will never happen)

Posted by Tykwa - May 2nd, 2010

this news post is not too short